Empty nesters adapting to evolving Christmas

Empty nesters adapting to evolving Christmas

Chicago Tribune
by Joan Cary
December 07, 2011

Joan Kaufman, designer and owner of Interior Planning and Design in Naperville, said many empty-nester parents lessen the stress of decorating by switching to a 6-foot, pre-lit, artificial tree. She suggests that if you have the space, don’t undress it after the holidays. Bag it and put it in the basement or a closet for next year when you can “fluff it up.” Some people will also hire her or other designers to do the decorating for them.

“The hardest part is when you are in the in-between stage,” she said. “You are still in that big house but the kids who helped decorate it have gone off to do their own thing.”

She recommends using pre-lit garland for decorating because it is warming and easy to use.

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