House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Illinois Alumni
May/June 2010

They are the brick-and-mortar aristocrats of campus- other-era mansions that (in some cases anyway) still shelter the sororities and fratenities of the University of Illinois. Recently, interior designer Joan Zeaske Kaufman ’85 FAA, ’85 ACES helped make over one of these aging grand dames- Alpha Gamma Delta, a castle-like house on Lincoln Avenue, there she herself lived as a sorority sister during her time at Illinois. As part of a $1 million redo of the building- since added to the National Registry of Historic Places- she awakened the classic charm of the interior with new wallpaper, paint, furniture, cabinets, and tile. Involved in the project by the sorority’s building committee, Kaufman said she aimed for a look “like a little black dress that never goes out of style.” Founder and head of Interior Planning & Design in Naperville, she is president of the Illinois chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

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