Nonprofit designs spaces for groups in need

Nonprofit designs spaces for groups in need

Daily Herald Online

by Deborah Donovan
November 19, 2010

Designers find other ways to be of service. A friend introduced Joan Kaufman of Interior Planning & Design, Inc., in Naperville to Metro Achievement Center, a tutoring center in Chicago.

Kaufman helped with space planning and ways to arrange the rooms. She recommended folding tables that connect to each other so the rooms could be used for different functions.

“I helped select the tables so they would be more durable and multifunctional, work well and be comfortable and last a long time. They don’t have a huge budget. It needs to be tasteful, last a long time and look professional,” said Kaufman.

“The parents and students need to have confidence, and the students have to be motivated to be there, and the environment is important to the success of the students and to the teachers who donate them to help.”

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