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Residential Design Process

By creating a team partnership with yourself and your designated designer, we can best focus on your unique requirements and specific needs. We start by asking questions. We listen carefully to you. We strive to understand your vision for the space. We determine the solutions while keeping you involved and informed. Dedicated to satisfying our clients long term, our project management style utilizes hands-on coordination and participation in the creating the design. We spend time with you understanding your unique needs and we focus on offering creative solutions that meet YOUR goals while adhering to the principles of good design and are timelessness .

Emphasizing creation of the total environment through lighting, color, texture, furniture and fabric, we offer coordination from start to finish.

Whether you are considering an interior update, a kitchen or bath remodel, or a full remodeling your home, or building a new home, we help you manage the many tasks required to make your project a success. We engage our highly qualified network of trained professionals to assist in completing the project.

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