Superior Interiors

Superior Interiors

Naperville Magazine
by Megan Downey
March, 2009

According to Kaufman, it’s all about bringing a conscious decision into the conscience of your environment. “You have to understand what a person’s needs are, what their environment is.” She first asks clients to go through a 10-page proprietary intake survey that gives her your archetype profile and explores whether or not you’re in balance with the five elements. If you’re dealing with a health issue or going through a strain in a personal relationship, for example, it might show through in your home.

“We think in a linear fashion, but this is circular and intertwining; there’s a unity of life,” Kaufman says. “The ultimate goal is to bring whatever you’re looking to accomplish into your conscious mind every day.”

Making Style Personal

When designing any space, Kaufman tries to put herself in that person’s shoes. “We have to become the client, if you will, and then create something that is a reflection of the client and what their life is about.”

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